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Greta Rose WestGreta Rose WestGreta Rose WestGreta Rose West

Midnight Surrounds Us

Book 5: Wisper Dreams

About the Book

From small-town Western romance author, Greta Rose West, grab this angst-filled love story, the fifth book in the Wisper Dreams Series, Midnight Surrounds Us. You’ll swoon, probably cry, and you will 100% fall in love…

Ryder Graves dreams about taking the reins to his family’s farm, but one thing stands in his way: his dad. As the baby of the family, Rye’s never been taken seriously. He never went to college, and he can’t even keep a good woman; his last girlfriend proved that when she dumped him in front of his entire family with a fistful of potato salad to his face. But he’s desperate to show everyone what he can do.

And he just might have a trick up his flannel sleeve.

Rye’s had an eye for his brother’s best friend’s widow since high school. She was off limits back then, but things are different now, and he just heard a rumor that might provide him the perfect opportunity to show his dad he’s not a failure. If he can convince her to go along with his plan, maybe his devilish good looks and his overflowing bank account will help him win more than his dad’s approval.

Aubrey George thinks all men suck. Swipe right? No thank you. She’s a leftie.

When her husband passed overseas, Aubrey found herself middle-aged and alone with twin boys who couldn’t stay out of trouble if she hog-tied them to her bumper, but they’re grown now and somebody else’s problem, so it’s finally time for her to focus on what makes her happy: her bookstore. Unfortunately, nobody’s buying books, not from her anyway, and she’s in danger of losing the only thing in her life she’s good at. She can’t deny Rye Graves looks damn good in jeans and a cowboy hat, or that his cocky smirk makes her heart race faster than it has in years, but he’s arrogant, young, and thinks he can solve all his problems with money, but when he offers to pay off the back taxes she owes and help her build her business, she laughs in his face—but then she says yes. What’s she got to lose?

Her panties, if she’s not careful. And her heart, if she can find it.

The fifth book in the Wisper Dreams series, Midnight Surrounds Us, is a steamy fake-dating farce, but it’s hot and funny, and it’s the small-town romance you never knew you needed till now, about finding your piece in this world, standing your ground, and letting love sweep you off your feet when it shows up wearing jeans and a cowboy hat.

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The Details

Published: January 24, 2025
Publisher: Punk Rose Press
Formats: Ebook
ISBN-13: 9781955633239 ASIN: B0CTGG32WZ
Genres & Tropes
Small town, Western Romance, Cowboy Romance, Age Gap Romance, He Falls First, Older Woman Younger Man Romance