Greta Rose West
Greta Rose WestGreta Rose WestGreta Rose WestGreta Rose West

The Cade Ranch Series

Welcome to Wisper, Wyoming, where love doesn't come easy, but the fall is HOT.

Meet Jack, Dean, Finn, Kev, and Jay Cade – five of the sexiest cowboys this side of the Mississippi. Follow them on their journeys to find love. There will be hijinks, but there’s a fair amount of drama. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll scream, you’ll rail! But you’ll definitely fall in love. Meet the women and men they fall for and all the quirky townspeople who keep them in check.

Book cover for Wild Heart by Greta Rose WestWild HeartPrequel Novella
Book cover for Burned by Greta Rose WestBurnedBook 1
Book cover for Broken by Greta Rose WestBrokenBook 2
Book cover for Busted by Greta Rose WestBustedBook 3
Book cover for Braved by Greta Rose WestBravedBook 4
Book cover for Blinded by Greta Rose WestBlindedBook 5

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